Sunday, 8 November 2015

Hot (not so hot)

Hello from the new menopausal me! Oh, such fun....not. The era of hot flushes has well and truly begun.

My body has developed a faulty thermostat, and every day - and every night - I am now getting a series of sweaty heat-spikes. My body seems to generate its own surges of heat (to begin with, until I checked with B, I just thought I had the heating in the house turned up too high)

Then, in between each spike, it goes back to normal, and I feel chilly again. Jumper off....jumper on again.....jumper off.... and so on (and same pattern at night, but with the duvet.)  It's a sweaty business (need to remember to drink more water!!)

So far, fortunately, I haven't been woken up by heat-discomfort - so my night-time experience is limited to settling down to sleep, or lying in bed after I wake in the morning.

Too soon to have any idea whether this will be an interminable experience every day from here on in, or if it will have some kind of monthly pattern with normal days in between. And, in either case, impossible to guess how long the symptom might continue (that can vary a lot, so I'm reliably informed by a friend who is a medic, and whose symptoms were much worse than mine, and went on for a VERY long time - so much so, she had to seek HRT)

My symptoms are currently not bad enough to make me want to seek HRT. But we shall see (not that HRT is necessarily always an option for every woman - my friend had to wait for ages before starting - ie not allowed until she got her blood pressure down to a safe level - and it carries some cancer risks).